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Spoken Language Difficulties

Expressive Language

The word ‘semantic’ relates to the meaning of a word.  In order to learn new vocabulary, children need to understand it’s meaning by exploring their own knowledge and forming links between related words / concepts (e.g. forming categories of information, contrasting similarities and differences etc.).  This provides the platform for the child to advance in their understanding of concrete to increasingly abstract ideas. A child learns to talk by listening, then building up simple words and sentences. Vocabulary development occurs through practise, that is, they hear a word and make connections to their meanings (e.g. hearing the word ‘dog’ and seeing a dog) and this will happen at all ages and stages of development. Children with language disorders need to hear a new word twice as many times as other children before understanding and using words themselves (Paul, R. 2007). Difficulty learning new vocabulary will hinder then child’s ability to express themselves when speaking and writing in both the classroom and social settings. Growth in the child’s vocabulary will enhance their learning and communication skills across a range of contexts. A child’s vocabulary